The faithful extension of the laboratory to the client distributing health and medicine solutions.

Licimed distributes medicines, hospital nutrition products, infant nutrition products and health products. As headquarters in Porto Alegre, we are in the market since the 2000s, and the expertise we have acquired over the 18 years we perfected to serve our customers and suppliers with the quality for which we are recognized.


Currently, the company has established strong partnerships with different manufacturers of drugs, nutritional and health products. Our constant growth and high level of quality has made our partner labs recognize us as the extension of their business.


We operate meeting the needs of our customers, not just delivering a product, but always leaving open a channel of communication; providing technical and scientific support in the areas relevant to our line of business.


Provide quality distribution services and maintain ethical and lasting relationships with clients and suppliers, and cooperate with the population in their access to health.


To be a reference in the distribution of medicines in Brazil through the constant growth of the company, associating the brand with excellence in the services provided.


Since the year 2000, the company operates in the drug delivery field. We acquired experience and know-how that support excellence by which we are recognized in the market.


Assume results commitments to clients and internally.


Celebrate success, recognizing and compensating the objectives achieved by people and teams.

Sense of urgency

Being passionate about winning, our products and people.

To do what has to be done in the right time.

Being the best in quality in everything we do.

Act in an integral, responsible and professional manner; Compliance.


Customer relations
Immediate Information
Consumer demand management
Capture 100% in bidding possibilities
Human capital
Loyalty with suppliers
Technology support
Product standardization
Expertise in public sphere

Socio-Environmental Responsibility

We create alternatives to protect the planet we live on. We seek solutions and encourage our team to think about changes in our internal processes in support of the ecosystem.

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